About Antiques

45- 1900 WALNUT DRESSING TABLE £120.00

The term antique is usually applied to items such as furniture and art when they are over a certain age (usually over 100 years old) or are an usual object showing a certain quality craftsmanship.


Antiques are usually brought or collected due to there age and beauty.


One most popular type of antiques are furniture probably because of the practical uses. The most common woods used are mahogany, oak, pine, and rosewood. However Chinese antique furniture tends to be made of elm.



Most of what we buy loses value, cars and clothes for examples but this is not true about everything, art and antiques can gain lots of value with age.


Instead of buying the generic piece owned by the many, you can buy and own a unique piece, therefore Collecting and buying antique pieces can be a good expression of your life and passions.


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