French Polishing, Antique Restoring for Small Upholstery items


Army&Navy Club

I my name is Lee Chinnick and I have been French Polishing for over 30 years in a family run business which my Grandad started in the 1950s as W. Chinnick & Sons Upholstery, Antique Restoring & French Polishing.

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Here in 1974 we repaired, upholstered and French polished the furniture for the Army & Navy Club in Pall Mall London where damage occurred through a bomb.




We offer: French Polishing Service
: Antique Restoring Service
: Small Upholstery Repairs Service
Including Modern, Retro and Antique Furniture


Contact us by telephone on 0208 368 3995 or you can email us at with images of your repairs for a Free Quote immediately.


Lee Chinnick, 187 Woodhouse Road, London, N12 9AY