• Probate Valuations and House Clearances

    Antique silver teapots, creamer and other utensils probate valuation and house clearance


    Sometimes in life, we have to deal with situations that are new and potentially emotional, such as when a loved one dies and you need to go through probate.


    Probate is the process of settling someone’s affairs after they have died. This is not only an emotional time but can be quite confusing and stressful.


    If your loved one had a will things are made a lot simpler, but at this time you may be required you to clear or value items and you may not know where to start but there is a simple solution our House Clearance and Probate Valuation services, where we will manage all aspects of your house clearance and help value items.


    These items may include antique pictures, oil or watercolour paintings, Gold or silver antiques, Bric-a-Brac, Collectables, Military Medals, Retro or Vintage Furniture and many other items.


    We handle antiques & collectables daily and therefore are fully aware of rarity, quality, and special features so we can recognise valuable items that may not be apparent to you.


    We can help with probate valuation and house clearance for any property of any size, type or condition. We know that while dealing with house clearances and probate valuations our clients may be dealing with loss, feelings & possessions that may hold sentimental & emotional memories, therefore our service is professional and sympathetic.

    Want to find out how we can help you please do contact us.



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