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    Following our successful Winter sale, we are running some excellent discounts in-store, once again. So, if you are after a treasured jewel from a bygone era to embellish and enhance your home in time for Autumn then you have come to the right place.

    Our diverse collection of reduced exclusive antiques is an antique collector or bargain hunter’s dream. From traditional pieces of furniture and cultural art to innovative and eccentric upcycled accessories, there’s bound to be at least one item you’ll love. What’s more, none of the pieces require renovation. However, each would look equally as imposing, with a personal touch to truly make them your own. Why not let your inner DIY enthusiast come to life, with these ultimate vintage finds?


    1930s Oak Chest of Drawers | Was £140. Now £100

    Dimensions: 80cm wide, 90cm high, 50cm deep
    This handsome 1930s Art Deco style chest of drawers offers abundant practical storage space with eight varied sized deep drawers. In opulent oak that will compliment any décor, this timeless piece will make a remarkable focal point in a room. Ideal for a bedroom, lounge or even hallway, particularly if topped with family photos and other keepsakes.
    It has ornate brass handles and stylish engraved details adding an artistic touch alongside the aged oak. This helps show off the natural beauty of the timber that’s stood the test of time.
    This period item is a solid and sturdy piece, in brilliant condition, radiating exceptional quality.
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    Upcycled Lamp Sale Item Lee Chinnick Finchley

    Upcycled Lamp | £45 (reduced from £58)

    The wonderfully unusual upcycled lamp is the ultimate one-of-a-kind piece for those who love cool, quirky and eye-catching décor. This standard black Denver lampshade has been regenerated, to create an innovative and industrial look, giving homage to Heath Robinson.
    Featuring eccentric electrical instrumentation on a copper lamp stand, it is in excellent working condition. This idiosyncratic and on-trend lamp is bound to look fantastic in a domestic or commercial space, from a teenager’s bedroom to a living room or office – the choice is yours.
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    Victorian Glass-Fronted Bookcase | £140 (reduced from £170)

    Dimensions: 210cm high, 125cm wide, 45cm deep
    Spoil your living space with this stunning, traditional Victorian glass-fronted bookcase. This sale item comes in two sections – the bureau base and the dresser – screwed together securely for stability. The dresser has copious shelf space to display your books, best china and other valuable ornaments, all of which will be protected behind two robust glass doors. And, with the addition of the sturdy bureau base which has two drawers and two cupboards to store away items, this beautiful and timeless piece is as practical as one can get.
    Well-constructed in rich mahogany, this bold bookcase is a durable antique of a superb quality, that exudes elegance and simplicity.
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    Solid Oak Bookcase Sale Item 1930s

    Solid Oak 1930s Bookcase | Was £195. Sale price £125

    Dimensions: 155cm high, 120cm wide, 30cm deep
    The intricate and elegant engraved accents of this bookcase are finely handcrafted, in a striking dark brown matte finish. This beautiful and durable antique is constructed from authentic aged solid oak. This vintage piece will bring instant sophistication and style to any interior – be it traditional, modern or eccentric.
    It is an incredibly useful and versatile piece; offering ample shelf space to display your prized book collection and treasured ornaments with two smaller drawers to tidy away miscellaneous items. What’s more, its size doesn’t take up much space, so is ideal for adding a distinctive charm to even the smallest of rooms.
    This historical artefact is in wonderful condition – exhibiting its marvellous quality – and effortlessly conveys traditionalism and class.
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    French side table Sale item

    French Side Table | Was £125. Now £100

    Embellish your home with this beautiful French side table. With intricate yet chic carved accents, this elegant antique is a charming and luxurious solution for any space or décor.
    In a soft cream colour, with a naturally aged patina, the solid wood is in remarkable condition indicating durability and quality. Moreover, the thick glass table top – set on four sturdy legs – features a traditional French-style gold design. This adds richness and a distinctive flair to this already irresistible piece of furniture.
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    Grandfather clock on sale

    Grandfather Clock | Was £550, now £450.

    Dimensions: 45cm wide, 220cm high, 23cm deep
    Indulge your living space with this intricately designed Grandfather clock. With delicate antique, yet stylish carved accents, this vintage timepiece will enrich the opulence and elegance of your home in an instant.
    Finely handcrafted, the ornate clock face – behind high-quality glass – is decorated with pretty black and white design and Roman numerals. Its perimeter is engraved with embossed gold angels, adding an artistic and unique finishing touch. This historic piece is a fine example of a lost craftsmanship, that oozes traditionalism and class.
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    Chinese Prints on Sale at Lee Chinnick London

    19th Century Chinese Prints, 2 for £195 (was £275)

    Dimension: 60 x 64cm each
    These unusual yet exquisite 19th century Chinese prints will bring the humblest or quirkiest décor to life. Sat behind thick glass with a robust frame and a bold orange perimeter to brighten and contrast the black and white image. These high-quality pieces would work brilliantly as stand-alone art or alongside other prints already in your home.
    If you favour the latter idea but have no prints to create a feature wall with, we have a splendid collection of gorgeous framed prints that are guaranteed to match this impeccable artwork.
    What’s more, these cultural prints would make beautifully unique gifts for your loved ones; they wouldn’t receive the same gift from another person, that’s for certain. What better way to spoil yourself or someone you love than with these impressive antiques?
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    upcycled pine coat rack sale

    Upcycled Pine Coat Rack | Was £45. Sale price: £28

    This upcycled coat rack perfectly combines a quirky contemporary style with a 1970s retro feel.
    The clever use of strong stainless steel kitchen utensils as coat hooks, on classic thick pine wood, creates the must-have accessory for your home.
    Ideal for a hallway, cloakroom, bathroom or bedroom. You may feel this unusual piece will only work in an eccentric environment. However, this high-quality inventive coat rack could work equally well as an accent piece, amongst traditional décor, due to its uncomplicated design.
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    Victorian What-Not | Was £150. Sale price: £100

    The wooden four-tier Victorian what-not is a gorgeous, rich and sturdy antique in a walnut colour.
    Designed to display beautiful china, treasured ornaments and any other knick-knacks you want to show off in your home. This sale item Exudes remarkable quality, this vintage item is intricately crafted with a glossy finish, that is quick and easy to clean to keep it dust-free.
    What’s more, its sophistication and flair will bring even the simplest or most eccentric décor to life with a unique vintage charm that you don’t come by every day.
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    Bric-a-Brac on Sale | 25% to 50% off each item

    If you aren’t looking for a particular item, why not browse our store? It’s filled with a vast selection of vintage trinkets, valuable ornaments and homeware. You’re sure to find a treasured gem in and amongst the shelves, that will suit your personal style.

    A bargain hunter’s dream, from decorative and intricately designed vases, a classic wooden art case to a chic delicate glass ornament. Our array of one-of-a-kind antique pieces will look divine in a display cabinet, or as a living room curiosity piece.
    So, whether you like traditional pieces to give a room a classy touch or something a little more unusual to make a bold statement in your home, we have an antique for everyone.

    Mirror and Pictures Sale items

    Wall Art Framed Prints | 25% – 50% off each item

    Amidst our marvellous assortment of beautiful framed prints, there is bound to be at least one that you’ll adore. Whatever your home décor theme may be – whether it’s sophisticated and modern or pretty and vintage chic – we have a print ideal for it.
    Each antique wall art print on sale has been placed in a robust, wooden frame in a colour that complements that of the picture. From stunning portraits to simple and cultured landscape art, every piece is skillfully designed and will enhance any interior in an instant.
    Purchase one print as a stand-alone piece to display alongside other eye-catching frames you already have. Or, if you fancy, buy several and create a collage of art to make a feature wall in your living space. The choice is yours.
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    We look forward to welcoming you to Lee Chinnick soon, where you can browse these one-of-a-kind antique and upcycled items and more at your leisure.

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