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    Once again, we are running some brilliant discounts in-store. So, if you are after a precious jewel of the past to spruce up and elevate your home for 2019 you have come to the right place.

    With incredible reductions on our varied range of unique antique items, there is no better time than now to pick up the ultimate vintage bargain. We have some traditional pieces of furniture and art that require no renovation whatsoever. However, there are other items that will look equally as impressive with a contemporary or personal touch – a perfect opportunity to let out your inner DIY enthusiast.

    Grandfather clock on sale

    Grandfather Clock | Was £550, now £450.

    Dimensions: 45cm wide, 220cm high, 23cm deep
    Indulge your living space with this intricately designed Grandfather clock. With delicate antique, yet stylish carved accents, this vintage timepiece will enrich the opulence and elegance of your home in an instant.

    Finely handcrafted, the ornate clock face – which sits behind high-quality glass – is decorated with a pretty black and white design and Roman numerals. Its perimeter is engraved with embossed gold angels, adding an artistic and unique finishing touch. This piece of historic architecture is a fine example of a lost craftsmanship, that oozes traditionalism and class.

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    AnglePoise Lamp | Was £30. Now £20

    The timeless AnglePoise lamp is a practical yet versatile piece that would be ideally suited in both domestic and commercial interiors as well as smaller spaces. Although a vintage item, the lamp would fit in a modern environment just as well due to its contemporary feel.

    In a bright linen white with a matte finish – bound to match any setting – this is a sturdy and authentic quintessentially British piece in a great condition that conveys simplicity and class.

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    Wood Display Cabinet | £55, reduced from £70!

    Dimensions 100cm wide, 120cm high, 28cm deep
    This chic Art Nouveau style cabinet is perfect for displaying your finest sets of china dinnerware, books or other precious ornaments. The dresser has abundant shelf space where all your items can be protected behind two exquisite glass doors.

    In walnut, with a glossy finish that enhances the richness of the piece, this is a solid and durable piece in wonderful condition and exudes quality.
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    Vintage brass leaf wall display

    Brass Leaf Wall Display | £75 (reduced from £95)

    Spoil your home with this beautifully delicate brass leaf wall display. Light gold, with a naturally aged patina, the stylish vintage piece will give your living space a touch of traditionalism and add opulence to any room.

    This period item is in exquisite condition, demonstrating its durability and quality. Its design will complement any décor, whether traditional, quirky or modern.

    This display’s size, means it won’t take up too much wall space, adding elegance to even a small room.

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    Victorian Sofa | Was £395, now £295.

    Dimensions: L 2.00m, Depth: 0.60m, Height: 1.00m
    Submerge yourself in ultimate relaxation with the decorative Victorian sofa. Finely constructed in a hard-wearing deep brown matte wood and fabric of the most outstanding quality, this boldly-printed sofa is the perfect accent piece for your home. The back of the sofa and the padded seat will provide you with both superb support and comfortability, making it the perfect partner to aid you in de-stressing at the end of a long day.

    Still in fantastic condition decades later, this distinctive Victorian sofa is the ultimate antique for those who love eccentric and attention-grabbing home décor. It’ll take center stage in any room, no doubt, giving the space that timeless vintage look that the whole family are guaranteed to love.

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    Victorian What-Not | Was £150. Sale price: £100

    The wooden four-tier Victorian what-not is a gorgeous, rich and sturdy antique in a walnut colour. Designed to display beautiful china, treasured ornaments and any other knick-knacks you want to show off in your home.

    Exuding remarkable quality, this vintage item is intricately crafted with a glossy finish, that is quick and easy to clean to keep it dust-free. What’s more, its sophistication and flair will bring even the simplest or most eccentric décor to life with a unique vintage charm that you don’t come by every day.

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    Framed Théophille Steinlen Print | Was £100. Now on sale for £50

    High-quality print by the artist Théophille Steinlen’s 1896 poster ‘Tournée du Chat Noir’. This is possibly the most iconic of our current range of framed works. It advertises the Le Chat Noir cabaret and its move to a new location in Montmartre, Paris. In a robust black frame, Steinlen’s poster features a black cat with a red halo and inscribed mottos regarding the cabaret.

    This interesting and quirky print would enhance even the simplest of décor’s. Use it as a stand-alone piece or, if you prefer, alongside other attention-grabbing prints in your home.

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    Wall Art Framed Prints | 25% – 50% off each item

    Amidst our marvellous assortment of beautiful framed prints, there is bound to be at least one that you’ll adore. Whatever your home décor theme may be – whether it’s sophisticated and modern or pretty and vintage chic – we have a print ideal for it.

    Each antique wall art print has been placed in a robust, wooden frame in a colour that complements that of the picture. From stunning portraits to simple and cultured landscape art, every piece is skillfully designed and will enhance any interior in an instant.

    You could purchase one print as a stand-alone piece to have alongside other eye-catching frames you already have in your home. Or, if you fancy, you could buy several and create a collage of art to make a feature wall in your living space. The choice is yours.

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    Toy Soldier on sale

    Toy Soldier Cut-Out | £25, reduced from £45

    Dimensions: 35cm wide, 110cm high.
    This large painted Victorian-style toy soldier cut-out is constructed from hard-wearing wood that shows no wear and tear. What’s more, this handcrafted vintage piece is bright and colourful. Perfect as fun décor in a child’s bedroom, or, if you like, an excellent holiday decoration.

    Similarly, if you’re an antique toy enthusiast or collector, this is the ideal piece for you.

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    Bric-a-Brac | 25% to 50% off each item

    If you aren’t looking for a particular item, why not visit the store to browse our vast selection of vintage trinkets, valuable ornaments and homeware? With every item still in good condition, you’re sure to find a treasured gem in and amongst the shelves that will suit your personal style.

    From decorative and intricately designed vases and a useful brown wooden art case to a chic and delicate glass ornament that will look divine in a display cabinet, our array of one-of-a-kind antique pieces are what bargain hunter’s only dream of.

    So, whether you like traditional pieces to give a room a classy touch or something a little more unusual to make a bold statement in your home, we have an antique for everyone.

    Sale Shabby Chic Drop Lea

    Drop-Leaf Table. Was £85. Now £60.

    This small drop-leaf table is a gorgeous antique with a matte brown patina and sturdy ornate turned legs. Bearing in mind it’s vintage, it’s authentically aged and in good condition, demonstrating its high quality.

    With its simple and traditional design, it would work perfectly with every home décor and alongside even the most eccentric of furniture.

    Furthermore, this timeless piece is ideal for today’s smaller homes because of its size – particularly if you are looking at saving space in a room.

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    We look forward to welcoming you to Lee Chinnick soon, where you can browse these unique items and more at your leisure.

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